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Myles Dias

Master Trainer



Myles Dias has been an athlete, trainer and coach for over 30 years. He is a Master Trainer who holds certifications as a Certified Personal Trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He holds a specialty certification as a Senior Fitness Specialist with NASM. He hosted and co-producer of an award winning community service program in Hawaii called the “Future of Senior Fitness”.


Myles specializes in functional training for older adults ages 50 - 90+ and is committed to educating and motivating all seniors to live active, healthy, quality lives.


What is Myles Dias Fitness?

My approach to fitness is simple and straightforward. I offer no nonsense training programs that are individually tailored to help you meet your goals and objectives. Whether you want to lose weight, gain strength or endurance, improve overall health, increase mobility, or simply feel better about yourself, my personal training is safe, effective, and geared to help you reach your goals - and change your life.



Customized programs are for the medically cleared population:

  • Men/Women

  • Athletes

  • Seniors

  • Special Needs*


*In addition to the general populations training needs, Myles is certified to provide training programs designed for people with special needs and/or medical conditions such as pregnancy, cancer, and arthritic conditions.


Myles Dias Fitness training programs incorporate the basic fundamentals of exercise science into a strategy of total fitness. I help you set realistic goals to improve, maintain, and/ or optimize your health and performance - and then work with you to achieve those goals.


Total fitness is a regimen that incorporates physiologic, physical, and performance benefits based on the principles of human movement science.


Physiologic benefits - Improved cardio respiratory efficiency, endocrine and serum lipid adaptations, metabolic efficiency, stronger tissue tensile strength, and increased bone density.



Physical benefits - Decreased body fat and increased lean body mass.



Performance benefits - Muscle strength, power, endurance, flexibility, balance, core strength, speed, agility, and quickness.


The reason people often fail in their attempts to lead a healthier lifestyle is that they use a protocol that is not right for them, they lack consistent motivation, and/ or they do not know how to advance once they hit a plateau. Myles Dias Fitness will insure that exercises are performed correctly. This is accomplished by monitoring form, tempo and all the acute variables that will lead to success, finding and breaking through the reasons blocking motivation, and adjusting programs once the body adapts to current exercise prescription.


What you can expect from Myles Dias Fitness is a comprehensive approach to achieve strength, power, balance, flexibility, core, and cardio respiratory fitness. The benefits you receive include:



  • Decreased risk of injury

  • Greater joint stabilization and movement

  • Increased caloric expenditure and weight loss

  • Increased lean body tissue and tone

  • Increased endurance and a more efficient heart

  • Activation of desired muscles

  • Greater core development and synergy

  • Improvement in activities of daily living or sport

  • Tailored and appropriate protocol

  • Motivation


To receive a free personalized consultation and assessment, email me at or click on "view my complete profile" then under "contact" click on email.


Health Is Your Only Real Wealth

Make this your motto and you will be happier and healthier starting today!

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